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NorthEast Softball Association

  • ESPU12CBronzeSD
  • OHCCU12BSilverSD
  • OHCCU16BGoldTucker
  • PCWU12CGoldSD
  • VGU14BSilverTucker
  • OHCCU12BSilverSteinbach
  • ESPU12CBronzeCity
  • OHCCU12BSilverCity
  • ESPU12CSilverProvincials
  • East St Paul U12C

    Bronze Medal - 2017 Southdale Tournament
  • Oxford Heights Blues U12B

    Silver Medal - 2017 Southdale Tournament
  • Oxford Heights Blues U16B

    Gold Medal - 2017 Wayne Tucker Memorial Sports Weekend
  • Park City West U12C

    Gold Medal - 2017 Southdale Tournament
  • Valley Gardens U14B

    Silver Medal - 2017 Wayne Tucker Memorial Sports Weekend
  • Oxford Heights Blues U12B

    Silver Medal - 2017 Steinbach Storm Classic
  • East St Paul U12C

    Bronze Medal - 2017 City Championships
  • Oxford Heights Blues U12B

    Silver Medal - 2017 City Championships
  • East St Paul U12C

    Silver Medal - 2017 Provincial Championships

On Saturday June 17th NESA held its second annual Learn to Play Jamboree.

Thank you to all who helped make this event a success, and a special thanks to Tim Hortons for their generous support.

The North East Softball Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting  on July 11th at East End comunity center. We will be holding elections for the following positions.

  • Organizer for fund raising events
  • Learn to Play Coordinator: "Learn to Play" is one of our most important levels since it introduces children to the game in the hopes that they continue in the sport for a long time. In order to host clinics for this grass roots age group, we need someone to “field” calls and emails for the clinics.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in the sport of softball remaining a part of the North East area of Winnipeg! Thankfully, softball continues to grow in this area. Without volunteers, we cannot host teams in the area, though. If you can spare a couple of hours a month for a meeting and a few hours here and there to enhance the sport of softball, we'd greatly appreciate having you on-board.

On Saturday June 20th, NESA presents the LTP JAMBOREE at Valley Gardens Community Centre from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The day's events consist of the following:

  • Each LTP team will play their final game of the season
  • Each player will receive a coupon for a hotdog lunch
  • There will be a visit from Lionel the Boston Pizza Mascot
  • An exhibition game between the U16B and U18B NESA teams
  • Each LTP player will receive a medal

We are also asking each player to participate in our Friendship Jar fundraiser..

This is how it works

You fill up any type of container (dollar store water bottles are popular for this), you fill them up with dollar store items, pencils, stickers, candy etc, anything you would like to put in.. We will collect the jars in the morning and they will all be numbered, after your player has finished their game they can come and draw a number for $2.00 and they will win the jar matching that number.

We ask that each player bring one jar so that everyone can participate in this activity

Valley gardens is holding their carnival that weekend as well, so there will be additional activities going on with that as well.

See you there...

A big thanks to all that volunteered their time to make this event such a great success, and to the U16B and U18B teams for donating their time and skills to inspire the next generation of NESA softball players.